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A friend who is so thoughtful

in everything they say and do. 他的一言一行都是如此的关心。

in a special, A friend who is so thoughtful, This friend I have found in you is as special as one could be. 你就是这个无比出格的人, Someone who touches my heart, and unique way. 他用本身的方法触动了我的心。

and willing to help all they can. 他老是给以, A Person Like You -- Anonymous 像你一样的人--佚名 The meaning of being special is found in a person like you. 直到碰着一个像你一样的人, And I am so blessed in my life,。

A person whos always giving,,倾尽所能给以辅佐,我才知道出格二字的寄义, A person who betters my life,我的糊口是如此的幸福, Who truly gives from their heart, by being a part of it each day. 他的呈现使我的糊口越发优美, that youve been a friend to me. 因为有你。

showing they care for who I am. 老是发自心田地必定我。