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Opportunity -- Henry Reed Conant 时机--亨利·里德·科南特 Time is ever

愿我们能聪颖关心 As our course we journey on 在人生之路上 Striving for the good of others 愿我们渴求每一份优美 Ere the precious time is gone 在贵重的年华流逝之前 , Opportunity -- Henry Reed Conant 机缘--亨利·里德·科南特 Time is ever swiftly fleeting 时间往复仓皇 Unimproved by scores of men 不为任何人所动 Opportunities are passing 机缘一旦错过 That well never have again 便永不再来 Many things we may accomplish 我们能做的其实有许多 As the hours go speeding on 时间飞逝中 If we but improve each moment 只要紧抓住每分每秒 Ere the precious time is gone 在贵重的年华流逝之前 There are many hearts about us 很多酷寒的心 That a loving word might cheer 可以被一句关爱的话语叫醒 There are many dear ones with us 尚有许多至爱亲朋 That ere long may not be here 大概不久就会远行 Let us then be wise and thoughtful 所以啊,。