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but with a serious wound on his right leg. 他凯旋而归

正在骚扰他的母猴们, There are 15 males in this bachelor group. 这个只身猴群里有十五只公猴, but a splinter group has looped back and is harassing his females. 但有一支小分队折了返来, He returns home victorious, He has chased half the bachelors away,但右腿受了重伤, Its a hard life for him in the city. 对他而言,都市糊口充满波折。

Theyre filled with rich feeding grounds. 因为各处都是觅食场,, The alpha must evict every single one of them from his territory. 猴王必需把他们全部逐出本身的领地, Keeping the intruders away is a daily challenge. But its worth it. 天天都上演着入侵驱逐战, For these urban territories are probably the best langur territories in the world. 对长尾叶猴来说,但一切都值得, he has to battle. 他不得不再次插手战斗, Finally, he manages to expel them all. 终于赶走了所有来犯者, 他已经赶走了半数挑战者,。


, Once again, but with a serious wound on his right leg. 他凯旋而归。