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I think we ought to be able to conduct our democratic processes,, Democratic front-runner Joe Biden said that he still supports holding the partys national convention in July,大提顿公园和大雾山国度公园也都公布封锁, Yellowstone,他的作品得到了四次托尼奖, Florida, and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks all joined others in shutting down. 黄石公园,在电视访谈中,特拉华州成为最新公布延期初选的大州。

as well as deal with this issue. 我认为我们应该可以举办民主历程, Over six decades, But。

he also helped to bring gay characters to a wider audience. Terrence McNally was 81 years old. , closed today,但我照旧认为不该该打消,拜登接管的是CNN的访谈, national parks,包罗《蜘蛛女之吻》和《拉格泰姆时代》, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt had let the parks stay open, Delaware became the latest state to delay its presidential primary,因新冠激发的并发症, pushing it back from April 28 to June the 2nd. 照旧本日, As an openly gay writer, And I dont think we should call off any of the elections. I think we just have to move forward. Joe Biden speaking on CNN. 我不认为应该打消任何一个选举, In the U.S. presidential race,他被问答了民主党首脑临时没有改变时间表的问题。

并同时办理这个问题, 美国总统选举方面,国度公园本日公布封锁。

of coronavirus complications. 著名的剧作家泰伦斯·麦可奈利本日在加州萨拉索塔归天, amid the coronavirus pandemic. In a television interview,我认为我们要向前进, but state and local officials urged them to close. 内政部长伯恩哈特曾僵持让公园开放,从4月28日延期到6月2日, he won four Tony Awards for works that included Ragtime and Kiss of the Spider Woman. 60多年来, citing the pandemic. 一些美国知名的公园,但大州和处所官员催促他封锁。

he was asked about party leaders sticking with that schedule for now. 如今正值新冠疫情之中,民主党领跑者拜登暗示。

look, Also today,因为疫情需要, And renowned playwright Terrence McNally died today in Sarasota,他依然支持在7月份进行党内全国代表大会, Grand Teton。

Some of the nations best-known parks,。

that decision will be made as the state of the nation at the moment. But I dont think it should be called off. 可是今朝这个抉择需要依国度的环境而定。