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Some Biden supporters say he wasnt their first choice. 一些拜登

And so a person in all good conscience could be going to vote and they could be spreading. 有本心的选民或者会去投票, And were doing it by building a broad coalition that we need to win in November. 我们通过成立遍及的同盟,。

A number of other states are postponing upcoming primaries out of concern for the pandemic. 其它一些大州也出于疫情的思量将延期初选, Democrats backed Biden by large margins in all three states,加强了他成为反抗总统特朗普的候选人资格, Casting a shadow on the election,, Biden has more than half of the delegates needed for his partys nomination. 跟着周二的胜利, You know tackling this pandemic is a national emergency, Its gonna require leadership and cooperation from every level of government. 这需要每个当局层面的率领力和相助力, the spreading coronavirus. 不绝伸张的新冠病毒给选举发生了影响,一些人转而支持了拜登, Officials in Ohio postponed the voting, moderates and seniors. Some switched from Sanders to Biden. 按照投票后民调显示。

at this point I think,因为他的交际, because of his diplomacy. He was presidential even as a vice president.” 可是他让我欣然接管, Polls indicate health care was a major concern among voters. 民调显示医疗问题是选民最关怀的问题, strengthening his claim on his partys nomination to challenge President Donald Trump. 民主党在三个大州以绝对优势支持拜登,这样才气确保我们在11月份得胜。


或者他们就在流传病毒, unattainable. 因为很多听起来很不错的工作此刻看起来有一点很难实现。

he beat Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders among African Americans。

Los Angeles 麦克·奥沙利文, saying some voters may not know that theyre infected. 俄亥俄官方公布延期投票, VOA news。

他在做副总统时揭示出了总统的样子,VOA新闻洛杉矶报道 。

拜登得到了高出半数以上的代表人数来得到提名, Our campaign has had a very good night. We moved closer to securing the Democratic Partys nomination for president. 我们的竞选今晚表示得很是好, With Tuesdays wins, akin to fighting a war. 此次疫情让国度陷入紧张危机, Because a lot of the things that sounded really good were actually a little bit。

Mike OSullivan, But he was agreeable to me because of his past performance,称更多选民或者不知道他们被传染了,我们向民主党总统候选人的位置又进了一步。

近似于一场战争, According to exit polls,因为他之前的表示,非洲裔美国人。

Some Biden supporters say he wasnt their first choice. 一些拜登支持者说他不是他们的首选。