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This is BBC World News. Im Sally Boondock with the headline

This is BBC World News. Im Sally Boondock with the headlines. 这里是BBC世界新闻头条 我是萨利·邦道克 Chinese authorities say the coronavirus lockdown in Wuhan the city where the global outbreak began will be partially eased on the 8th of April 中国当局暗示 固然武汉报道了一例新增病例 though a new case of coronavirus has been reported there. 但这座全球首个因发作冠状病毒被封闭的都市将于4月8日部门解封 The British Prime Minister Boris Johnsons imposed strict new measures with immediate effect to try to suppress coronavirus. 英国首相鲍里斯·约翰逊实施了当即生效的严格的新法子 试图抑制冠状病毒 Everyone in the UK will have to stay at home only leaving to shop for basic needs take exercise or help the vulnerable. 英国每小我私家都必需待在家里 只能外出购置根基必须品、熬炼身体或辅佐弱势群体 More than 2,000 people have now died from the virus in Spain forcing authorities to build makeshift hospitals and to turn an ice rink in Madrid into a temporary morgue. 今朝西班牙已有2000多人死于冠状病毒 迫使政府制作方舱医院 并将马德里的一个滑冰场改为姑且停尸房 And President Trump says he expects the U.S. to return to reopen for business in weeks rather than months. 特朗普总统暗示 他但愿美国将在几周而不是几个月后规复营业 He thinks more people could die from a prolonged shutdown than as a result of the virus. ,。