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Hello, the headlines. 各人好 这里是BBC新闻头条 President Trump says he hopes American businesses will be back up and running by Easter. 特朗普总统暗示 他但愿美国企业能在复生节前规复运营 Thats despite a surge in the number of cases. 他并未思量病例数量的激增 Thats as the World Health Organization warns that the United States could become the next epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. 世界卫生组织告诫说 美国大概成为下一个冠状病毒大风行的“震中” Doctors have told the BBC in the UK that the recent surge in cases is only the beginning and there are a number of young people among the most serious cases. 在英国 大夫汇报BBC 最近病例的激增只是个开始 并且最严重的病例中有一些是年青人 The number of deaths in the UK has risen to more than 400. 英国的灭亡人数已经上升到400多人 And finally a three-week lockdown has come into force in India. 印度为期三周的封闭终于开始生效 Thats the worlds second most populous country of course. 那是世界上人口第二多的国度 The Prime Minister there says it is essential to prevent the country from becoming setback in decades economically and that it is the responsibility of every individual to ensure that that does not happen. 印度总理暗示 重要的是要防备这个国度在几十年的经济成长中呈现倒退 每小我私家都有责任确保不会呈现这种环境 , this is BBC News,,。