100 Americans are diagnosed with the illness every year

100 Americans are diagnosed with the illness every year, , A bacteria that causes a rare and deadly type of pneumonia has been found in one of Americas largest auto manufacturing plants. 在美国最大的汽车制造工厂之一内发现了一种会引起罕见且致命肺炎的细菌。

《商业内幕》消息, 每年约有6100美国人被诊断为该疾病, and around 10% of those who develop Legionnaires disease die from it. 约有10%的患病者死于军团杆菌疾病, The CDC says Legionella develops naturally in streams and lakes, Approximately 6, Ford Motor Company told employees in a letter on June 20th that Legionella was found in three locations across the plant 福特汽车公司于6月20日告知员工在其工厂内的三个地点发现了军团杆菌 including two bathrooms and the medical department. According to Business Inisder, Ford reported that the total count of Legionella bacteria was not enough to warrant shutting down the plant to disinfect. 福特报告称军团杆菌总量不足以批准关闭工厂并进行消毒处理, 包括两间浴室以及医务处, 疾病防治中心(CDC)表示军团杆菌在河流和湖泊中自然生长 but proper water management programs are necessary to prevent it. 但需要合理的水管理计划来预防它,。